1. The best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise. If you decide to eat junk food one meal than you should eat right for the next meal. It doesn’t matter how you exercise as long as you do it.

2. You should drink plenty of water throughout the day because there are many benefits to drinking the beverage. You will not only feel hydrated, but you will also help cleanse your body of impurities. Any woman notices a difference between drinking water and not drinking water.

3. If you smoke, you should really consider quitting. It is completely unhealthy to smoke and it is doing your body no good. You will be a happier and healthier person once you quit.

4. Do not let life cause you constant stress and it is better the avoid the stress then constantly be around it. Long term stress has many bad health effects on a woman and so you should work on reducing the amount of stress in your life.

5. Be sure to keep up with your dentist appointments because, if you do not, you can cause some serious problems to your mouth. Some of these problems include but are not limited to: tooth decay, gum disease, etc. It is better to have a dentist take care of the problem right away than let the problem linger.

6. Be sure to go to the gynecologist when you suspect there is a problem because the customer’s issue can get worse if it is not treated right away. It is better to be safe and go to the doctors than to be sorry that a treatable condition is no longer treatable.

7. The woman should not be in the sun without sun block. The sun tan will not look good when you get skin cancer from being in the sun constantly. It is not worth it to get constant sun tans to look good because it can eventually make you every sick with cancer.

8. You may want to consider taking daily vitamins and minerals to help your general health. Your physician will be able to help you determine if you need a daily over-the-counter pill or not. It may be extremely helpful for menopause women to get pills; however, depending on what the vitamin is, it can be helpful to people of all ages.

9. Be sure to go to your physician when you suspect that there could be a problem with your health. Even if you do not suspect that there could be a problem, you should still go to all your appointments because the doctor can pick up on any problems.